The Land Bountiful Ministry Blog will share information for women in regards to the childbearing years. This will include and is not limited to:

  • fertility / infertility
  • nutrition / prenatal nutrition   
  • all stages of pregnancy     
  • physiologic / unhindered / undisturbed / home birth     
  • vaginal home birth after cesarean surgery     
  • postpartum     
  • breastfeeding     
  • parenting     
  • and life in general.
Angie Taylor

How is the "estimated due date" calculated? Can it be the reason there are so many babies coming "late"?

Angie Taylor

Choosing to have a baby is one of the biggest steps you will ever take in your life. It is only natural, then, to make it happen as easily ...

Angie Taylor

Why in the world was I feeling so bad? Irritable bowel syndrome, joint pain, diarrhea, brain fog, anxiety, difficulty losing weight (fat)?