About LBM

Hi, I’m Angie Taylor, Founding Trustee

At Land Bountiful Ministry, We Are...

Envisioning a world where every woman knows her worth and values who she is and what she brings to the world simply by existing within it and that her lover sees and values her in the same way. ​To make this a reality, we offer "with woman" care that nourishes the very soul of the women we serve and invites her lover to support her in all that she does. I love women where they are and show them how to take full ownership of their choices to unleash the miracles that are theirs to claim.

As women, we can no longer afford to sit quietly and be who the world says we "should" be. The world, and especially our families, need us to unapologetically be who we have been divinely created to be.

Land Bountiful Ministry is where "with woman" care flourishes so each woman feels nourished as she explores and discovers her own divine nature. Land Bountiful Ministry offers truly self-directed whole-istic care for all stages of a woman's matrescence* journey.

Land Bountiful Trustees each bring their own unique gifts, talents, knowledge, education, and training to the table and serve "with woman," acknowledging that we are only a guide and mentor along the woman's journey to discover her true self.

*Matrescence - Begins when a girl experiences her first menstrual cycle, which is a transition where feminine hormones surge, her body changes, and her identity and relationships shift. The sometimes anxiety-provoking phase of stepping into your “new mom” identity. Matrescence can feel like a big swirl of emotion, but much of it is physically rooted in hormone changes, just like adolescence.


  • Married to Engineer since 1999     
  • Mother to 9 humans     
  • Singer & Author     
  • Birth Service Provider - Embracing Birth Consulting     
  • Private Home Birth Midwife     
  • Life Coach     
  • Health Coach     
  • Dr of Natural Health     
  • Holistic Alternative Psychology Master (aka Positivity Coach)     
  • Ho'oponopono Practitioner