3 Lifestyle Changes to Make to Increase Your Odds of Conceiving

Posted On Sep 12, 2022 |

Choosing to have a baby is one of the biggest steps you will ever take in your life. It is only natural, then, to make it happen as easily as possible

Choosing to have a baby is one of the biggest steps you will ever take in your life. It is only natural, then, to make it happen as easily as possible. There are certain lifestyle changes that you may have to make once you are pregnant, that will also help pre-pregnancy by getting your body into the best condition for conception.

Among the lifestyle changes you should consider are eliminating alcohol and drugs, starting or continuing with an exercise routine and managing stress better. These lifestyle changes may not seem huge, but they may definitely improve your chances of conceiving.

First, eliminate all alcohol and drugs from your routine, if possible. This includes cigarettes which contain nicotine among many other drugs that are not good for your body. Alcohol has been proven to lower your chances of getting pregnant, especially if consumed in high amounts.

Cigarettes also decrease your chances of conceiving by adversely impacting how your reproductive system functions. Any recreational drugs needs to be stopped immediately too in order to give your body time to heal and prepare for pregnancy. If you are on medication for a disorder or illness, it is best to talk to your physician prior to conceiving to determine which, if any, effects the medicine will have on your chances of conceiving and subsequent pregnancy.

Second, exercise is great for your body and helps you stay in shape. If you are out of shape, this is the best time to be diligent about getting into shape. Exercise in conjunction with a good nutrient dense diet increases your odds of a successful conception. Exercising also helps to keep your weight gain slow and steady throughout pregnancy and will aid in giving birth. You may continue exercising throughout and after pregnancy.

Third, stress can lead to weight gain, weight loss, hair loss and even infertility. Believe it or not, stress can make you skip your menstruation cycle and subsequently, your ovulation. Since ovulation is necessary for conception, minimize stress levels and learn stress management techniques. This may require simple relaxation techniques or an action as drastic as a career or job change. Lowering your stress level will improve your odds of conceiving.

While getting pregnant is a very exciting time, making the decision to get pregnant is not be taken lightly. If you are serious about making the decision to bring a tiny human into the world, consider some lifestyle changes as well.

Avoiding alcohol, drugs and stress can greatly improve your odds of conceiving. Exercising and good nutrient dense diet are very important as well and can aid your pre-pregnancy and post-pregnancy body too. Most of all, making these lifestyle changes can be the key to successful conception.

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