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A Private Health Ministerial Association focused on autonomous, trauma informed, woman directed prenatal care that leads you to your true self.

Welcome to

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I am so happy to have you here.

You have joined me because you want to feel your best every single day and stop being haunted by your birth experiences. Right now, you just want to stop replaying your birth experiences on a daily basis. An astounding number of women have been in the same place: ashamed, confused, guilt-ridden and simply not knowing what went wrong.

You're not alone!

Hi, I’m Angie Taylor.

Having given birth to eight (8) tiny humans on my own terms, I was shocked to discover that most women are belittled, demeaned, infantilized, and feel emotionally, mentally and even sometimes physically broken after their births. Birth is not to blame when things "go wrong" in the man-made baby delivery system, which is found in the hospital, birth centers and is also being brought into the home by medicalized midwives. I have been led by Heavenly Father along a path to discover why I was never treated as far too many women have been treated. The journey has been eye-opening!

The coaching program I developed, Embracing Birth: whole-istic childbirth education, is designed to introduce expectant women and their lovers to the real and raw process of physiologic birth. The Embracing Birth: whole-istic childbirth education coaching program works so well because it places responsibility for the birthing process directly into the hands of the expectant couple. With my guidance, expectant couples explore and discover for themselves how to work with physiologic birth instead of against it.

"I believe you should feel strong after giving birth. When we feel strong, our relationships thrive, we know where we fit in the world, we don’t need permission from others for any reason, and most importantly, we unapologetically claim our role as woman!"

Let's change your narrative on how you feel about physiologic birth.

Do you dread the thought of giving birth? Do you hope that no one asks you about your birth?  Are you feeling depressed, have regrets, or want to have more kids while also not wanting to be assaulted again?

Do any of these symptoms sound familiar:


Intrusive Memories

Changes in Physical or Emotional Reactions

Negative Changes in Thinking or Mood

It’s proof you are in need of some serious healing without judgment.

Is this normal?

Between 25% and 34% of women report that their births were traumatic...

A birth is said to be traumatic when the individual (mother, father, or other witness) believes the mother’s or her baby’s life was in danger, or that a serious threat to the mother’s or her baby’s physical or emotional integrity existed.

The very real fact remains that a large percentage of women experiencing the above symptoms believe it's "normal" simply because they know so many women who warned them about the same symptoms.

Are you experiencing any of these or multiple symptoms?

And most of these women don't "qualify" for an official diagnosis. When this happens, the only options consist of:

  • Adequate sleep; 
  • Exercise, yoga; 
  • Support groups; 
  • Body work, massage;
  • Self-Help guides to trauma recovery

Or, my favorite,” There’s not much you can do. It’s just part of having a baby.”

When you're caring for a new tiny human it's challenging to remember your own needs. Know that I'm here to offer empathic discussion as a knowledgeable caregiver.

Are you unhappy with the birthing options being offered to you and the lack of knowledge you have about your body and physiologic birth?

"It’s time for women to reclaim what rightfully belongs to them. Birth was designed for women. Birth was designed to belong to women."

Introducing Embracing Birth: whole-istic childbirth education

A coaching program packed full of opportunities to research & and discover the truth about physiological birth that's designed for women everywhere... from all walks of life....and their lovers.

Having researched and studied the entire life sequence that includes physiologic birth since 2003, I created this coaching program to provide:

knowledge, support & community...

It's made up of simple-to-use, meet-you-where-you’re-at and go-at-your-own-pace digital courses + group or private coaching sessions.

You will take full responsibility for the choices you make so you can be your own best advocate and be on the path to feeling strong, all of the time.

We start with how prenatal nutrition works and affects physiologic birth on every level.

Then we dive into how physiologic birth works and what you can do to work with it and not against it.

We also discuss how to plan for success and what you can do to easily experience an amazing physiologic birth and carry it with you throughout your life.

Whole-istic Childbirth Education

The Embracing Birth coaching program teaches you about birth from all sides; mind (emotion), body and spirit. It also teaches about the roles played by the whole family; father, mother, child.

By taking this approach, it leads you to creating an all encompassing approach to physiologic birth!

"Physiologic birth is a normal part of life, birth trauma is not."

I’m an advocate for all women. We are designed for physiologic birth. We have profound gifts to bring to the world, and to each other. I’m here for you, let's do this!