What is Autonomous Trauma Informed Care?

It is estimated that 90% of the population has experienced some form of trauma over their lifetime. This trauma lives within our cells. It has also been proven that the trauma gets passed on to the next generation. This essentially means that it is likely that 100% of us are carrying around cells that contain trauma information. Because of this, I choose to practice autonomous trauma-informed care. What does that mean?

That means that I honor you governing your own body and teach you whatever you’d like to know about the innate wisdom of your body.

I respect your right to say, “no” AND to be heard!

I forgive people who do not understand the importance of trauma-informed care because I am aware that they have most likely been de-sensitized by what happens to humans in this world that creates trauma, especially as it relates to a woman's matrescence journey.

The things I do not do are not things I do not know how to do. Instead, they are the things I know to be traumatizing and re-traumatizing therefore I know enough to know what not to do. These are the things that keep humankind stuck in violence and fear.

I know I am dealing with human life which is why my clients experience HUMANE autonomous trauma-informed care.

Autonomy is defined as

(1) the act or power of making one’s own choices or decisions,

(2) the state of being free from the control or power of another.

This may be a new conversation for women, in general. Women, for the past 100+ years, have been forced to comply with those placed in authority over them because this word - autonomy - was unknown to them despite its origin.

Tides are changing and this can be a VERY GOOD thing.

Women are flocking to autonomous care providers who offer truly autonomous care. In a truly autonomous care environment, women are free to choose for themselves what will and will not happen to their body….even if their care provider doesn’t agree with their decision.

Choosing autonomous care means taking full responsibility for your choices. ALL choices have consequences. Your care provider can help you know and understand the consequences of doing and not doing something as it pertains to your unique matrescence journey. Your chosen provider is not to be your only source of information and they are to share only what they know to be true not any assumptions of what they believe might happen or might be true. Forcing someone to make a decision while using fear tactics is called coercion and IS NOT a form of informed consent.