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Metabolic Lifestyle Consulting -​ ​​​includes nutrition consulting, disordered eating recovery, mindset mentoring, sleep consulting, relearning to naturally move more. I stand ready to inspire, encourage, educate, and support you as you confidently live a metabolic lifestyle, which has nothing to do with restrictive eating plans, super low calorie intake, nor extreme exercise routines.

-- Self-Directed Whole-istic Pregnancy & Physiologic Birth Consulting - includes prenatal and childbirth education, emotional healing, mindset, prenatal nutrition consulting, etc.

Private Membership Association (PMA) formation - includes consultation to understand what PMA type is best for your business activities, and the creation of the documents you'll need in order to pull your business activities out of local, state, and federal jurisdiction. MOST businesses can move from the public domain to the private domain. If you are a midwife, birthkeeper, or doula, I will also help you make sure all your forms - from contract to practice guidelines and intake - minimize your risk. 

Angie Taylor | Oct 11, 2022

How is the "estimated due date" calculated? Can it be the reason there are so many babies coming "late"?

Angie Taylor | Oct 11, 2022

Choosing to have a baby is one of the biggest steps you will ever take in your life. It is only natural, then, to make it happen as easily ...

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