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Ever wish you had a Fairy Godmother who could wave her magic wand and make all your birth dreams come true?

Since 2003, I’ve met far too many women with the desire to birth tiny humans as directed by their own inner wisdom while not knowing who would believe in them until they were strong and confident enough to believe in themselves. Who could they turn to for love and encouragement along the life sequence journey known as motherhood? This has left them feeling hopeless and has led them to almost give up on their happily ever after dream of an unhindered, undisturbed, physiologic birth sequence

As an expectant woman, you may be searching for just one person to believe in, encourage, and support you on the life sequence journey known as motherhood. Someone who knows there is an inner wisdom that can lead, guide, and direct your life when you set aside fear and everything that comes with it to follow its direction into the unknown. Someone who knows you absolutely can have your happily ever after dream of an unhindered, undistrubed, physiologic birth sequence and who simply supports you in exploring and discovering how to do it.  

You are searching for a kind, wise woman who knows your potential and will teach you how to believe in yourself and your body. You need someone to inspire, encourage, educate, and support you in discovering how powerful you already are and that you really do intuitively know what to do.

Hi! I'm Angie Taylor. I am that someone you have been searching for. I am your Fairy GodMentor and I see your potential so clearly I’m excited to help you get there. I also understand that I am not the director of your life story. 

I’m the one you hire when 

  • you’re growing a tiny human and discover you’re with the wrong care provider for your unique situation and believe you can’t do anything about it.
  • you have already been wounded by a previous birth experience. I’m ready to support your healing journey so you can be the woman God created you to be.
  • you’re not yet pregnant, and have an inner knowing that this vital life sequence called birth is designed to empower, mold, and shape you into the woman you will need to be for the new family you will create.
  • you’re no longer bringing tiny humans into the world, and are seeking a safe space to heal the wounds you’ve carried from your own birth experiences. The journey to motherhood has left many women with relationship, emotional and spiritual wounds they may not know how to heal. If you are one of them, I am here to walk that healing journey with you. 

Regardless of where you are as it pertains to the beautiful life sequence of motherhood, you will find a loving environment with me where you are safe to speak what needs to be spoken. As your Fairy GodMentor, I inspire, encourage, educate, and support you along your journey to the happily ever after you desire to create.

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I just wanted to send you an email saying thank you so much for all your help and support.

Nicole H.

Thank you so much for all the wisdom and knowledge you've shared with me over the past weeks! I truly felt I had an extra guardian angel in you and that helped to ease my anxieties.

Miriam A.

I can't thank you enough for all your help. Your guidance was invaluable, and your support helped me get through one of the most challenging and rewarding times of my lives.