Angie Taylor 

Fairy GodMentor, Dr. of Natural Health, Midwife, & Life Coach

 Speaking Topics 

  • Embracing God's Birth Process
  • Healing past relationship, emotional, & spiritual wounds
  • Wellness Not Weight Loss 
  • Creating Balance in an Unbalanced World

Angie is a homeschooling mother of 9 with a vocal range of baritone to first soprano who is addicted to dark chocolate and pepperoni pizza. She has earned two degrees with highest honors in Natural Health while homeschooling her children. She is a Dr. of Natural Health, as well as a pregnancy, birth, and life consultant.

She inspires, encourages, educates, and supports expectant women who are seeking to experience unhindered, undisturbed, physiologic birth as well as heal past relationship, emotional, and spiritual wounds while also creating life balance.  

She has discovered that listening, trusting, and surrendering to intuition is the single most important thing human beings can do that will bring peace of mind to every choice and decision made. The trick is discovering how to differentiate intuition from fear, doubt, shame, guilt, and the human desire to never make a mistake while also maintaining personal autonomy.

Angie shows her clients how to know with certainty that they are hearing, trusting, and surrendering to their own intuition instead of the life patterns they've created to keep themselves safe or the expectations of others without fear, doubt, shame, guilt and the human desire to never make a mistake while also maintaining personal autonomy.

Angie is a Wholisitc Pregnancy and Birth Consultant who also understands the many crowns women wear (woman, wife, mother, sister, daughter, etc).

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