Prenatal Nutrition & Exercise

What We Know That May Keep You Out of the Operating Room
  • Gain a better understanding of the role nutrition plays in your pregnancy,
  • Discover the benefits of naturally moving more during pregnancy, and
  • Discover what balance feels like for yourself in regards to eating and movement.

What Others Are Not Telling You About Prenatal Nutrition and Exercise
What You Eat AND Movement Are the Foundation

Why is nutrition important during pregnancy?

Your body needs to increase your overall blood volume by 60% in order to support your life AND the life of the tiny human growing inside you. What you eat supports or hinders that important blood volume expansion to happen.

Truly Wholistic

This isn't anything that I made up out of thin air. It's balanced information that's based on the nutritional evidence we have available. It's a proven prenatal nutrition program that has been used by millions of moms for more than three decades. 

No Fear Mongering

Pregnancy is not the time to be worried about your weight. What you're about to explore will change the way you view your body forever. No food restrictions, guilt trips, or weigh-ins required. Healthy babies are born to healthy mothers. Healthy mothers are created with tender loving care.

You Don't Know What You Don't Know

How important is nutrition to my pregnancy?  Is salt really bad for me during pregnancy?  How many calories should I be eating everyday while I'm pregnant?  Does it matter if I eat protein?  How do I make sure I don't gain too much weight while I'm pregnant?  Those are some of the most common questions I hear from my clients. It is because of my clients that I am releasing this online course. Make no mistake about it...nutrition and movement play major roles in the healthiness of your pregnancy.    

Who is this course for?

This course is for you if:
    ~  this is your first pregnancy and you desire to "get right" the first time.
    ~ you've been pregnant before and had lots of health issues.
    ~ a friend or family member is pregnant and you have the desire to truly support her.
   ~ your care provider has said nothing to you about nutrition and your inner voice is wondering why.   

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Course Topics

  • Prenatal Nutrition and Exercise
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    We've known the truth about prenatal nutrition for decades and yet you're still being lied to. Enroll to discover what's being lef