Emotional Garbage Has Got To Go!

How to Prepare for and Combat Emotional Wounds

It's time to throw out your emotional garbage for good. It's possible to do-it-yourself. Come on a journey with me to discover which of my favorite do-it-yourself emotional healing techniques you'll fall in love with.

  • Acknowledge the past emotional events that have not yet been resolved,
  • Participate in the three do-it-yourself emotional healing techniques to discover which one is best for you, and
  • Take time daily for your emotional well being.

Does Emotional Wellness Require a Professional?

The short answer is "Not always." There are some very effective emotional healing techniques that you can do on your own. There are also times when working with a professional is beneficial. In this course, I walk you through three do-it-yourself emotional healing techniques to give you tools for you to try.

Truly Wholistic

All three of the do-it-yourself emotional healing techniques I will introduce you to are wholistic. This is because they work with your own intuition also referred to as inner wisdom. You will have the opportunity to experience each of the three do-it-yourself emotional healing techniques and decide for yourself which is best for you.

This Course is Included in
Embracing Birth: whole-istic
childbirth education

Course Topics

About Dr. Angie Taylor,
Your Instructor

Angie Taylor is first and foremost a wife and homeschooling mother of 9 (8 biologically hers and 1 gifted at marriage). You will find a variety of courses on a variety of topics taught by Angie. Some of her friends and clients will tell you that she is a "Jack of all trades and master of all." She educates and inspires women to not need her. Angie knows that everything you need is already inside you. She guides you to get out of your own way by listening, trusting, and surrendering to your own inner wisdom. It's time to be your own guru.    

Angie is a lifelong learner and this platform is her effort to share with the world everything she knows. In addition to creating courses where you can learn all that Angie knows, she also offers a community,  coaching and mentoring along the way. If you'd like to learn more about her extensive background and education in a variety of areas, keep reading...    

Angie gave birth to her first child in October 1988 and experienced for the first time in her adult life someone outside herself disconnecting her from her inner wisdom, also known as intuition.    

In 2003, a little more than a year after the birth of her fifth child, she became a La Leche League (LLL) Leader and began her journey into the darkness that plagues women around the world. It was as a LLL Leader that she discovered the breastfeeding challenges being experienced by women all had their foundation in the type of birth experienced. She served her community as a LLL Leader for 9 years before becoming an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant in 2011. She retired from LLL in 2012 when her family moved to Mexico for an extended work assignment for her husband.    

In 2005, eight months after giving birth to her sixth child, Angie became a Bradley Method instructor and birth doula. She began holding childbirth classes in her home and offering her birth doula services to her students. Her childbirth education and birth doula business grew rapidly as word spread there was someone teaching and supporting women in birth who had "lots of personal experience."    

Angie supported 40 couples during the birth process in her first year as a birth doula with her seventh baby and a mother's helper by her side. Her students learned more than they expected to learn while they also watched her breastfeed and lovingly tend to older children while teaching and supporting them through the birth process. One expectant father shared how her class was "college level material."    

By 2009, Angie and her family had moved to another state where she also taught childbirth education and offered her birth doula services. It was at this time that she discovered she could no longer be complicit in another woman's traumatizing experience and walked away from childbirth education and birth doula work with the desire to become a home birth midwife. She believed it would be the only way for her to guarantee that women - at least the women and families she would serve - would experience birth as the uplifting and relationship strengthening process she knew it to be. At this time, she started writing her own childbirth education course.    

During this time she became a Certified Life Coach while also completing two degrees in Natural Health. One a Bachelor's in Natural Health Studies and the other credentials her as a Doctor of Natural Health. Her studies taught her much about nutrition and how government entities were blocking life giving information because it interfered with the financial bottom line of large pharmaceutical companies.    

Angie served women as a traditional and independent home birth midwife from 2014 to 2019. During this time, she discovered that birth wasn't being taught in any formal midwifery training program. She coined the phrase "man-made baby delivery system" as she discovered that birth was being blamed when things went "wrong" because no one really knew or understood birth anymore. The separation of woman from intuition had created a dependence in women as they searched for the one person who would "make" her birth a safe experience.    

Angie's clients sought her out because they had an innate knowing that they (1) didn't "need" anyone to "make" birth a safe experience, and (2) had the desire to learn the truth about birth from an experienced birther. As a midwife, Angie offers truly autonomous, trauma-informed and woman directed care.  

Angie is now stepping back into life coaching as it is the foundation of everything else she does. Think of her as your Fairy GodMentor because she just might be the only person you've had believe in you.  

Angie's other credentials include:

                ~ Board Certified Holistic Alternative Psychology Master
               ~ Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor
               ~ Certified Aroma Freedom Practitioner & Instructor
               ~ Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner
               ~ Certified Ho'oponopono Practitioner
               ~ Trained Health Coach
               ~ Trained Aromatherapy Coach


Enjoy the words of a very satisfied client!