Angie with the OolaGuys in 2014

What is Oola?

Oola is derived from the French expression "Ooh la la." It is when your life is balanced and growing in the key areas of health, finances, career, relationships, and well-being.

Is Oola new?

No, Oola was founded in 1997 by international best-selling authors, work-life balance experts, and holistic health care providers, Dr. Troy Amdahl, and Dr. Dave Braun, the OolaGuys.

Oola provides a simple, easy-to-follow lifestyle framework designed to lead you, step by step, to a life of less stress, more personal growth, and a clearer path toward living your unique purpose. Since the first copy of the blockbuster book, Oola: Find Balanced in an Unbalanced World*, rolled off the presses, the Oola lifestyle has become a global phenomenon with over a million followers actively creating their best lives. *When you make a purchase, I receive an affiliate fee.

What is Oola's purpose?

Oola exists to make the world better by providing a lifestyle frame work that helps individuals create a life of balnce, growth, and purpose.

What is Oola's Mission?

Oola's mission is to change the world with a word (#Oola) by having a positive impact on 1 billion lives over the next 7 years with the Oola Lifestyle Framework.

What is the Oola Lifestyle Framework?

  • A proven step-by-step personal development system that helps individuals - like you - create a life of balance, growth, and purpose.
  • Convenient digital platform available.
  • Customized coaching content personalized to YOU and your needs. One on one and group coaching available.
  • Goal-setting made easy, interactive, and fun.
  • Delivered at a pace that's easy to understand, simple to apply, and quick to see results.

What is Angie's role in my personal development journey?

Angie guides your journey to find balance in an unbalanced world as you accomplish goals in 7 key areas of life: 

Fitness, Finance, Family, Field, Faith, Friends, and Fun

Life is a do-it-yourself project and together we can change the world with a word....Oola.

What does that mean?!?!

Simply put, Angie helps you experience all the awesomeness life has to offer while guiding you along a path that brings balance, growth, and purpose into 7 key areas. And, if you're expecting a new tiny human in the coming year (or want to be), we can include your pregnancy and birth goals too. We, at Oola, refer to this as your #OolaLife. Living an unbalanced life brings chaos and stress. Taking small daily steps in as many of these key areas as possible every single day will lead you to peace of mind. If that scares you, let's start with THREE small steps each day. YOU are the only one who can change your life in all 7 key areas. I am here to guide you through, be your cheerleader, and Fairy GodMentor.

You are multidimensional, and your coaching should be too. Here's what we'll work on:

  • FITNESS ~ this is about all of you. This is about your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. I walk you through processes that help you heal from diet mentality and guide you along a path to discover what true wellness looks like for you.
  • FINANCE ~ Discover how to control money instead of having it control you. Financial freedom is the goal with this one. Get out of debt while creating an emergency fund and investing for your future. It all starts with a household budget. Do you have a budget already created?
  • FAMILY ~ How are you doing in regards to setting boundaries and being present with your family? If you're married, how's that going?
  • FIELD ~ This is all about what you're doing to pay the bills. Is it something you love doing? If not, why?
  • FAITH ~ This is about having an active connection with whatever you believe is important and helps to keep you balanced and centered.
  • FRIENDS ~ Do you have any? If you do, do you spend time with them? Are they a positive influence in your life? If you don't have friends, let's change that.
  • FUN ~ Have you forgotten what that is? You're not alone! It's time to rediscover what brings joy into your life and do it often.

It all starts with a complimentary private session. Your future is in your hands. Are you ready to find balance in an unbalanced world?