About LBM

Hi, I’m Angie Taylor.

At Land Bountiful Ministry, I Am...

Envisioning a world where every tiny human is born knowing they are wanted, loved, respected, and safe with all other human beings. To make this a reality, I inspire, encourage, educate and support expectant women (and their lovers) as they explore and discover for themselves how to work with physiologic birth instead of against it.

As humans, we can no longer afford to fear birth; we must Embrace Birth. Without birth, none of us would be here.

This is the single thing I can pinpoint in regards to the 8 tiny humans I've birthed into this world. I've never feared birth. I've never feared my body. I've never feared what my body can do. I've also never feared that my body wouldn't do what it's been specifically designed to do.

The man-made baby delivery system creates fear in women. Those who function within this system know just enough about what can "go wrong" with birth to be afraid of it and they pass this fear on to women. As a Sovereign Birthkeeping Midwife, I know just enough about physiologic birth to know that it is safe and can be trusted to "work" precisely as designed most of the time. In the rare event when it becomes pathologic, it simply needs someone - woman, man, midwife - to gently guide it back to physiologic.

Ready to Embrace Birth?