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Available only to members of Land Bountiful Ministry in exchange for a donation that fits the member's household budget

  • Prenatal Nutrition & Exercise Coaching: Learn about Dr. Brewer Pregnancy Diet & Naturally Moving More
  • Comprehensive Core liquid supplement:  A professional grade supplement of over 310 all natural liquid ingredients that provide whole food nutrition to the body at the cellular level. To order CLICK HERE (this is an affiliate link) CLICK HERE for bottle label and CLICK HERE for more information.
  • Intuitive Eating Counseling: I provide nutritional counseling to help you reconnect with your intuitive eater if necessary and teach you about gentle nutrition.
  • Emotional Healing & Mindset Coaching: How to Prepare for and Combat Emotional Trauma
  • Breastfeeding Support: From preparing to breastfeed through any challenges that might arise.

Home Birth

Available only to members of Land Bountiful Ministry in exchange for a requested donation based on the distance of your home in relation to mine. Serving Oklahoma and Southern Kansas. Will to travel up to 3 1/2 hour radius from my home in Oklahoma.

  • It all starts with a complimentary consultation. We'll meet in your home, or using video conferencing, such as Zoom or FaceTime. We’ll spend time getting to know each other and I'll share who I am as a birth insider. This is typically scheduled so that your sweetheart can be present if so desired. This is the perfect time to ask questions and to become a little bit acquainted, which helps all parties know if I am a good fit. The personal connection between birthing woman and her midwife is important to the birthing process.
  • You are welcome to pay in full or make payments, either is okay – all parties sign a financial agreement.
  • Liberty Silver, cash, check, and credit card payments accepted. Barters are also welcome.
  • Up to 12 (1+ hr) prenatal visits - in person or virtual
  • Once every 4 weeks: 16, 20, 24 and 28 weeks gestation (4 visits). 
  • Once every 2 weeks: 30, 32, 34 and 36 weeks gestation (4 visits). 
  • Once every week (these may happen in your home): 37 weeks to birth. (4+ visits). Everyone who has been invited to the birth is encouraged to join us for the 36 week prenatal appointment so that we may explain what the expectations are for them so that all parties are on the same page with the birthing woman.
  • Focus on Dr. Brewer Pregnancy Diet + naturally moving more
  • Comprehensive Core liquid supplement (2 1-gallon jugs + refillable dispensing bottle and pump. This is an 8-month supply.)
  • Birth (includes birth kit) 
  • 6 weeks Postpartum care — 3 (1+ hr) visits 


Angie will guide you through aromatherapy techniques to heal emotional wounds and increase confidence in all you desire to do in your life. (Minimum commitment of 4 sessions)

Here's a testimony shared by Kay Brown after releasing guilt surrounding multiple miscarriages.