Tools for Emotional & Mental Well-Being?

Angie uses many tools to support her clients in their emotional and mental well-being journey when it comes to motherhood. She is a Holistic Alternative Psychology Master as well as Aroma Freedom Practitioner and Instructor. She also teaches her clients the difference between affirmations and afformations; encouraging them to use Afformations daily. 

What is a Holistic Alternative Psychology Master?

As a Holistic Alternative Psychology Master, I use positivity techniques and meditations to help you release negativity and reprogram your thinking for positivity. There is no need for you to share anything with me about your past.

What is an Afformation?

Afformations were discovered back in 1997 by Noah St. John. If you've ever used affirmations and have had them not "work" it's because your mind doesn't do anything with statements. Afformations are questions not statements, like affirmations. Questions are "an expression of inquiry that calls for a reply." When you ask a question your mind automatically begins to search for an answer. Enjoy this short video with Noah St. John showing how the body responds to afformations as opposed to affirmations using muscle testing. CLICK HERE to learn more.

What is Aroma Freedom?

Aroma Freedom is a group of techniques for identifying and releasing negative thoughts, feelings and memories that interfere with freely living your life, as well as reaching your goals and dreams.  It is meant to be used as a way to set a person’s emotional energy flowing in a positive direction, towards growth and expansion rather than contracting in fear, doubt and paralysis.  Aroma Freedom uses Young Living Essential Oils to trigger a permanent shift in how you view yourself and the world. While a Certified Aroma Freedom Practitioner may not be a therapist or counselor, they are trained in how to walk you through the process.

Enjoy the replay of Angie's first Aroma Freedom experience. Shortly after this session, Dr. Perkus, the creator of the Aroma Freedom techniques,  hired Angie to be his personal assistant. This quickly morphed into her being the Director of Operations for the Aroma Freedom Academy. She played an integral role in the creation of the Aroma Freedom Practitioner Certification program.

How are the Aroma Freedom techniques different from aromatherapy?

With the Aroma Freedom techniques:

(1) There is no previous training required in aromatherapy.
(2) There is no contact between the practitioner and the client.
(3) Very few oils are required.
(4) Oils are smelled only at certain key points during the Aroma Freedom process.

What is the Memory Release Blend?

The Memory Release Blend is equal parts of Lavender, Frankincense and Young Living’s Stress Away. It is helpful to take a small sample bottle, label it and pre-mix the oils for use during an Aroma Freedom session.

A good alternative is equal parts Ylang Ylang and Vanilla essential oils, or Trauma Life essential oil blend.

Are essential oils really needed in order for the Aroma Freedom techniques to work?

It’s a well known fact that change takes 21 consecutive days of consistent effort. So, yes, the Aroma Freedom process will “work” without essential oils. The desired outcome  will take 21 days to achieve. Using Essential oils with the Aroma Freedom process reduces this change to 3 days for most people.

Is it okay to use a carrier oil so the oils go further?

No, the addition of a carrier oil causes the essential oils to linger longer on the hands. When you use the essential oils “neat” they absorb quite readily so when you get to the next round, there is very little residual of the previous oil left on the hands.

Is Aroma Freedom the same as psychotherapy?

No!  Aroma Freedom does not use any diagnostic labels, and does not treat any conditions.  It is most often used on its own, but it has also been effectively integrated into many kinds of professional services including psychotherapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, chiropractic, and more. 

How does Aroma Freedom compare to psychotherapy?

  • In Aroma Freedom there is no diagnosing or labeling. 
  • Aroma Freedom is NOT a treatment of any disease. 
  • Aroma Freedom does not require taking a history.
  • Aroma Freedom can be used as a standalone session. 
  • Aroma Freedom can be learned by anyone. 
  • Aroma Freedom can be used on oneself or others. 
  • Aroma Freedom can be incorporated into ongoing therapy but does not replace such treatment. 
  • Aroma Freedom is very active and requires full participation of client. 
  • Aroma Freedom is meant to be used daily.

What does Aroma Freedom look like when using it to heal birth trauma?

I have permission to share this video with you. This is me walking Kay Brown through the process to release the guilt she carried after experiencing five miscarriages. Grab some facial tissue.

What is the purpose of emotion?

Emotions are an expression of our state of being and are often an attempt to get a particular need met. For example, often we experience pain and don’t express it, then we develop thoughts & beliefs that later block us. We are bundles of unresolved emotions and unresolved things are where we get stuck.

Isn't asking for a personal memory intrusive?

When working with a Certified Aroma Freedom Practitioner, one is not required to share the memory that comes up. The client can keep this information to themselves. It is not necessary for the practitioner to know what the memory is in order for Aroma Freedom to work.

What if no "image" comes up?

When working with a Certified Aroma Freedom Practitioner, one is not required to share the memory that comes up. The client can keep this information to themselves. It is not necessary for the practitioner to know what the memory is in order for Aroma Freedom to work.If someone is having a difficult time coming up with an image, circle back to the feeling in the body. It is the precision of the feeling that gets to the underlying memory. Sometimes the feeling will express as a posture which can be very powerful because it is an expression of the emotion. It may be that there is a sense of a series of moments in time where there was this same feeling or posture. Have the person imagine a movie or sequence of all these images and smell the oils.

When we are feeling into the “center” of a feeling, often there is a moment of unpleasantness - we try to resist feeling it, we run away from it, maybe we distract ourselves. Trust in the process and allow yourself to move into the unpleasantness, this is where the block resides and the oils will help shift it.

What if a person is flooded or overwhelmed with memories?

Have them pick one for this Aroma Freedom session. Once you do a session there, circle back and see what comes up next. Sometimes it is possible that will shift many things.

What if I have no sense of smell?

Essential oils work even without sense of smell because molecularly they have constituents our bodies use at the cellular level. Essential oils are comprised of an array of naturally occurring constituents like esters, oxides, alcohols, phenols and aldehydes. Without giving you a full lesson in chemistry, let's use Roman Chamomile Essential Oil and Lavender Essential Oil as great examples. Lavender Essential Oil contains 40% linalyl acetate and Roman Chamomile Essential Oil contains 35% isobutyl angelate. The constituents don't specifically rely on a sense of smell.

Furthermore, focusing on and staying present to the feelings that you are aware of in your body as you hear the negative thought will let them begin to process through to completion. The oils just support and accelerate that natural process.

What if I don't like the scent of the oils?

If having the essential oils on the hands and the hands directly over the nose is too strong, trying pulling your hands back from your face to a distance where you can still smell the scent and they aren’t so strong. While placing the essential oils directly into the palm of the hand is best, you may also try smelling the scent directly from the bottle.

Do I need to be a professional to use the Aroma Freedom techniques?

No again!  Aroma Freedom was designed to be used by everyone, and has successfully been used by thousands of people from all walks of life.  

Is Aroma Freedom hard to learn?

Most people can learn how to do Aroma Freedom simply by following the step-by-step instructions in the book.  If you can read and follow instructions, you can do Aroma Freedom.  Of course, the more you practice, the easier it gets and the faster your results come.

Can you use the Aroma Freedom techniques on yourself?

Absolutely.  It was actually designed to be used on oneself.  Whenever you are feeling stuck or blocked in some area of your life, you can take yourself through the process and experience nearly instant results.  Of course, you may also benefit from having someone help you through the process, whether it be a friend, spouse, or a Certified Aroma Freedom Practitioner.

Is certification required in order to do Aroma Freedom?

No.  Dr. Perkus hopes that everyone will do Aroma Freedom regardless of whether they are certified. However, only certified practitioners are allowed to call themselves a "Certified Aroma Freedom Practitioner" and charge for their services.

Where can I learn more about Aroma Freedom Practitioner Certification?

To learn more about Aroma Freedom Practitioner Certification CLICK HERE.