Embracing Birth: Whole-istic Childbirth Education

(a home study course and coaching program)

In nine weeks, you will learn how to...

  • Reclaim your autonomy and inherent birth wisdom
  • Know beyond any doubt that you are designed to conceive, carry, birth, and nourish small human beings, and
  • Choose where and with whom your birth will happen

Embrace Birth because you are designed for it!

What is Birth?

Birth - when it occurs as designed - strengthens relationships, marriages, and families. When it is interfered with - even just a little - what's left behind is brokenness on all levels, especially for the woman, and her brokenness impacts her new baby and all other children in the home. It also impacts her relationships. All of them.

Truly Wholistic

Learn the truth about birth from all sides; mind (emotion), body and spirit. It's about the whole family; father, mother, child. I’m going to introduce you to some information that you’ve most likely never considered before, such as clearing away past emotional traumas and experiences along with the roles played by the father and baby in the entire process of birth.

Family Centered

When the birthing process begins, it will take all three of you - mother, father and baby - to bring the baby into the world. Each one plays a role in this process. Yes, I do understand that not all fathers are present for the birth. While many may say that birth is “woman’s” work, there is a role that belongs to the father. Put him back into her sacred birth space where he belongs.

You Don't Know What You Don't Know

What is birth really like?  

Am I destined for an unwanted cesarean surgery?  

What are the major differences between a midwife and doctor?  

Do I really need to hire a birth doula?  

How do I talk with my sweetheart about what I want my birth to be like?  

Will past traumas interfere with my birth?  

What happened last time will never happen again! How can I take charge of my own birth experience?  

Those are some of the most common questions I hear from my clients. It is because of my clients that I am releasing this online course. Make no mistake about it...YOU are divinely designed and creating human beings is your super power! Your body knows what to do and how to do it.  

In my book, I distinguish the difference between birth and the man-made baby delivery system(tm), which most women experience. You see when things "go wrong" in the man-made baby delivery system(tm), birth gets blamed. This has led women to become more and more afraid of both their bodies and the birth process.  

There is also a fear that surrounds home birth because society at large is mostly familiar with what happens in the man-made baby delivery system(tm). Society has heard "all the stories" where mom and/or baby almost died. Society is mostly unaware that what happened was - in most cases - caused by those following the policies, procedures and regulations of the man-made baby delivery system(tm). Sadly, this system has found its way into your home by way of regulating, licensing and certifying of midwives.  

Because the man-made baby delivery system(tm) is being brought into your home, it's more important than ever for you and your sweetheart to learn about birth. This course does not go into intricate detail. It gives you what you need to know so you are better able to work with your body and baby when it's time.  

I know that what you're taught in every other childbirth education course is mingled with the man-made baby delivery system(tm). It's time for you to have what is rightfully yours, the full understanding of how birth works and why it is best to experience birth unhindered and surrounded only by those who fully support you.    

Who is this course for? This course is perfect for you if:

  • You're afraid to get pregnant because of what friends and family have experienced     
  • There is birth trauma from a previous birth experience - either yours or someone else's    
  • Your friend or family member is planning to birth naturally     
  • You're pregnant for the first time and choosing to birth unassisted     
  • You're choosing to birth unassisted for the first time after birth experiences with doctor and/or midwife     
  • You're choosing a home birth after one or more inductions     
  • You're choosing a home birth after one or more cesarean surgeries     
  • You're a birth doula or other birthkeeper seeking more truth about birth     
  • You help heal birth trauma     
  • You're becoming more self-reliant and desire to better understand birth.
  • This is such an AMAZING compliment! This hybrid coaching program - while based off my book - contains MORE than what's in the book.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How to listen, trust and surrender to your intuition.
  • What truly WHOLE-istic birth means.    
  • What we really know about prenatal nutrition and exercise that may keep you out of the operating room.    
  • Emotional healing and well-being techniques that will help you know if you're responding to your intuition or fear or something else entirely.    
  • About autonomous prenatal care.    
  • How to be the decision maker.    
  • How to navigate the discomforts of pregnancy.    
  • The role of your birth partner(s).    
  • All about the glorious birth sequence.    
  • Which is  your best option...doctor vs. midwife.
  • How to navigate your options if  your dream birth isn't one of them.
  • What to expect immediately following the birth of your tiny human.
  • Parenting 101
  • Breastfeeding Basics
  • Some birth insider information about our current birthing system that will shock and amaze you.

BONUS: 9 Weekly Coaching Sessions

This coaching package is valued at $1143

No need to email questions to me and then wait for my reply! Inside the course, you have the ability to schedule a coaching session with me to get your questions answered. Either schedule your coaching session and then complete that week's material; writing your questions down as you go along OR complete the week's course material; writing your questions down as you go along and then schedule your coaching session. 

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