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All Services

Services are only available to members of Land Bountiful Ministry in exchange for a donation that fits the member's household budget. Monthly and Annual memberships may also be available with additional benefits.

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Serving families living in Oklahoma and Southern Kansas. Open to creating whatever might be needed for those living elsewhere.

Comprehensive Core is a professional grade liquid supplement containing over 310 all natural liquid ingredients that provide whole food nutrition to the body at the cellular level. To order CLICK the button below (this is an affiliate link).

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Members of Land Bountiful Ministry have access to a wide variety of courses on topics such as nutrition, essential oils, family, mindset, meditation, emotional healing, personal improvement, personal finance, and much more.

Emotional healing testimonial from Kay Brown.

As a Doctor of Natural Health I support you on your journey to learn what is best for your body. A Doctor of Natural Health is not the same as a naturopath in that I cannot prescribe pharmaceuticals (yay). Services include and are not limited to:

  • General Health & Wellness Coaching - We will use our time together to create the best health and wellness routine for the way you choose to live your life. You'll explore nutrition, movement, herbs, homeopathy, essential oils, and many other natural paths to true wellness.
  • Intuitive Eating Counseling - We've all been taught that the holy grail of wellness is weight loss and that fatness is, on it's own, unhealthy. I've learned from my own experience that food isn’t your enemy. Food is your fuel and it’s time to STOP the food fight! It’s honestly okay to break ALL the dieting rules and repair your relationship with food and yourself. CLICK HERE to learn more.
  • Group Coaching Membership - Stop the Food Fight! - I want you to know that if you've struggled with your weight all your life, there's nothing wrong with you! You were born knowing how to properly respond to your hunger signals AND how to stop eating when you were full. Something happened along the way that changed how you respond to hunger and fullness. CLICK HERE to learn more.
  • Nutrition & Auto Immune Protocol (AIP) Coaching - I will teach you and/or answer any questions you might have about nutrition and/or the Auto Immune Protocol (AIP).
  • Emotional Healing & Mindset Coaching - Angie uses many tools to support her clients in their emotional and mental well-being journey. She is a Holistic Alternative Psychology Master as well as Aroma Freedom Practitioner and Instructor. She also teaches her clients the difference between affirmations and afformations; encouraging them to use Afformations daily. CLICK HERE to learn more.
  • Life Coaching - Angie is a Certified Oola Life Coach. Oola provides a simple, easy-to-follow lifestyle framework designed to lead you, step by step, to a life of less stress, more personal growth, and a clearer path toward living your unique purpose. Since the first copy of the blockbuster book, Oola: Find Balanced in an Unbalanced World, rolled off the presses, the Oola lifestyle has become a global phenomenon with over a million followers actively creating their best lives. CLICK HERE to learn more.
  • Family Finances Coaching - Oola's Green Gap will show you how to create a budget and monthly routine that brings peace of mind to everyone in your family. Green Gap shows you how to assess your current situation, make a plan for the future while investing and having fun too. 
  • Embracing Birth Coaching Program - Choosing to birth unassisted or with someone other than Angie? Angie's Embracing Birth Coaching Program will support your efforts to prepare for the best birth experience possible. CLICK HERE to learn more and enroll.
  • Prenatal Nutrition Coaching - Prenatal nutrition is about using food to support your body's physiologic response to pregnancy, which is expanding blood volume gradually from conception to 28 weeks gestation. CLICK HERE to learn more.