Additional Services

Available only to members of Land Bountiful Ministry

  • Prenatal Nutrition & Exercise Coaching: Learn about Dr. Brewer Pregnancy Diet & Naturally Moving More
  • Intuitive Eating Counseling: I provide nutritional counseling to help you reconnect with your intuitive eater if necessary and teach you about gentle nutrition.
  • Emotional Healing & Mindset Coaching: How to Prepare for and Combat Emotional Trauma
  • Breastfeeding Support: From preparing to breastfeed through any challenges that might arise.

AROMA FREEDOM: EMOTIONAL HEALING & MINDSET SESSIONS ~ Angie will guide you through aromatherapy techniques to heal emotional wounds and increase confidence in all you desire to do in your life. (Minimum commitment of 4 sessions)

Here's a testimony shared by Kay Brown after releasing guilt surrounding multiple miscarriages.

I found the path to a life changing experience unlike any I'd have ever imagined.  I found a wealth of knowledge that would be available to me at a crucial point in my life.  Week after week, I was learning more and more.  It was as if a fog was lifting and with each bit of information I gained lucid clarity.  The clarity would leave me thirsting for more, which you would then inevitably deliver.  You gave me a roadmap for a journey to self acceptance, to empowerment, to love unlike any I had ever known existed.  You guided me to the bridge where everything would forever be different on the other side.